Phone Conferences as a Valuable Communication Method

Today I joined the Planning Conference call with Mozilla Community.  It had about 8 or so people but it worked really well for keeping participating members informed and allowed for a lot of collaboration of ideas, feedback and suggestions for those that were sharing.

It reminded me of a meeting structure for a place which I just recently spent doing a co-op placement called Bizxcel Inc..  One of this companies offerings is leadership programs and various training, team building and communication programs for corporations.  While I was there, at the beginning of each week we would gather in an informal hundle in the middle of our reception area.  There, we would share what each of us was working on.  The real magic in those meetings was that something one person was working on would invariably fit into someone else area of expertise, or someone’s area of shared responsibility or knowledge.  Basically, it facilitated a very natural coordination of individual activities into team oriented solutions.

This process in sharing and the result of discovering solutions from others involved on the phone meeting with Mozilla Planning (that has an associated chat room), had exactly the same friendly atmosphere, sense of connection with others, and produced a natural collaboration of ideas.

I have been in these styles of meetings before from a previous employment with Apple Canada, as the Seneca Campus Rep for Apple.  Those meetings brought together reps from all across Canada into a forum for sharing new ideas and helping others that were faced with unique difficulties.

It’s inviting to know that these types of phone calls exist in the open source world of development.  Not only is the software free use, but an entire infrastructure of support exists for open source developers to communicate and collaborate in ways that helps the world or developers feel like a community that is close to home.


About Andrew Grimo

Currently a programming student at Seneca College in Toronto Canada. Having been studying a vast array of languages, analysis and design, and had some great working opportunities behind me, I'm looking forward to diving into a new career in IT with Programming, Database Application Development and Web Development for building creative and intuitive programs that enrich people's lives and improve our capacity to access the things that are important to us all.
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2 Responses to Phone Conferences as a Valuable Communication Method

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  2. Roger Dicke says:

    It is great that you already have experience with telephone conferences. Consider yourself lucky, I have had one-on-one calls with a client before but my first conference call experience was here at school for a project! Luckily one of the people on that call knew what they were doing.

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